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The Greek Bible by Crystal Bible®

Greek Bible Crystal Bible

 The Septuagint Crystal Bible® is the reproduction of the complete original Septuagint Bible in ancient Greek. The crystal contains approximately 3 million 877 thousand characters numerized on 708 surfaces (pages) of 421.4 µms x 593.2 µms each, hereby making it the world's smallest existing edition of this Bible.

 Translated into ancient Greek from the Original Hebraic Scriptures and from Aramaic texts, The Septuagint Bible is believed to be THE original Holy Bible, and is the Bible of reference for Churches and followers of the Orthodox faith.

 By using highly advanced Nano-Technology and sub-micronic writing capacities, we are able to reduce the original book printed text of this Septuagint Bible about 550 times!

 This is truly the most wonderful Christian item on the market and makes a very unique gift for any occasion. Now, Christians are able to have the complete Holy Bible in their Christian Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, and various other items.

Historical facts about the Greek Bible

Greek Bible, the Septuagint
Crystal Bible® existing forms

KJVcircle-off* KJVrec-off
0.79 inch
0.24 x 0.99 inch
* production discontinued for the circular shape

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 The Greek Bible version,
the Septuagint Crystal Bible®

You can click on any part (case) of the picture, that will show you the text from each page inscripted on all the Crystal Bible surface.