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About Micro Bible from Crystal Bible®

What we Beleive


bibleThe world as our parents knew it is no more. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hang on to basic values. Speed and efficiency have become the new gods in our society:  computers are continuously being improved to become faster, more efficient; cell phones now include miniature computers with internet and e-mailing capacity, as well as a video plus camera all rolled into one; larger planes are being built so that more people can get to where they’re going, faster; satellite technology has become so efficient that it can now read what you’re reading!

bibleLet’s face it: technological progress has taken over the lives of many of us in Westernized societies, leaving very little room for contemplation, or for fully experiencing all the interesting details of life. We miss out, because we are constantly rushing and multi tasking through life. We miss out because we don’t have time to seize the moment, and then the moment is gone. In our rush to “get there” (where exactly, nobody really knows), we sometimes forget to give thanks when we’re happy, but will usually blame God when we’re not.

bibleSince we couldn’t beat advancing technology, we decided to join it by bringing to the world something that would remind us all that there is a greater dimension than our earthly one… A dimension where God is remembered as the omnipresent, all knowing, and loving being He is. A dimension where peace and comfort can be found in His presence, in good times and bad.

If God is in all things, and if Christians hold the Holy Bible to be the Word of God, then what better way to remember Him and honor His Word, than to be able to “wear” it at all times and in all places?

Yes, folks! We believe that even in this crazy world, there IS a place for God and His Word in our hectic, impossible daily lives… So don’t wait, and make room in your life for the Crystal Bible® starting today!

About us :

Nanographx technologie

Technologies are advancing and new technologies are emerging, they are evolving and maturing into ever more applications.

Nowadays, nanotechnology is one of the most sought after technological advances in the scientific world. It enables to store millions of characters, and hundreds of pages of information and data on a very small chip, data support, or small limited surface.

One of the latest achievements of this technology is the engraving of many texts in full on the surface of a tiny special glass (quartz,crystal,etc.).
The origin of the company NANOGRAPHX is Graphilux International-Luxnanographics founded in July 2001 in Luxembourg (Europe) and since its inception our company provide extreme precision products and services for micro or nano edition to customers across the globe.

Becoming a dedicated subsidiaries, NANOGRAPHX  company is focused on bringing new ideas with emerging technologies to produce innovative products .
NANOGRAPHX has an extensive experience in the fabrication and access to the last high technology. Our company provide design and fabrication of micro and nano editions with access to state of the art tools, using the ion beam mark technology. This technology provides a resolution and is the best updated of high technology and elegant craftsmanship. Mark is clean, crisp and with high resolution.

NANOGRAPHX works equipped with the most up to date tools in its class, almost any discipline of micro and nano processing can be supported with optimal quality. Technologies are advancing and we produce with maximum cost effectiveness and our products meet the very highest quality standards. Our service include the final finishing and our operation offer a dynamic, flexible and relevant response for full solution.

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