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Crystal Bible® Versions

  Historical facts about the few versions of the micro sized Holy Bible....

Micro Bible versions

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 Micro Bible items : Christian Jewelry, Christian Bracelets, Christian Necklaces, cross pendant...

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What is Crystal Bible® (Nano Bible®) ?

Nano bible technology

The Crystal Bible® is a small glass crystal on which the entire Holy Bible has been reproduced in a microscopic size using nanotechnology and sub-micron writing spot . We offer beautifully crafted items which include the Crystal Bible® and according with your choice of one of three different versions of the Bible:

 The Original King James Bible (also known as "The Authorized Version")
 The Biblia Sacra Vulgata or Latina Vulgata Bible (also known as "Saint Jerome's Bible")
 The Original Septuagint Bible

For more details about your choice of Micro Bible :   Nano Bible versions.

 Christian gifts

Crystal Bible® items are timeless. Whether you are purchasing one for yourself or for a loved one a Crystal Bible® makes a great gift for many occasions: a newborn baby, a baptism, a communion, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, a   Bible gift and many more!

Thanks to our great lightweight Crystal Bible®, you and your loved ones can now wear your choice of Holy Bible anytime, anywhere.

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